Apr 2, 2007

Easter break!!!

My easter break has offically started!!! ***HURRAYYYY**

Sorry for not updating for lately, got so occupied with exams and assigments + nth interesting really happen.

The most 'interesting' thing that happened was that I almost got into an accident on friday nite! (on the way to UWA to pick Chris up) I was making a turn and I 4got that I actually have to wait there are no cars in that lane then I can turn. I culdnt see that car coming towards my direction!! he slam his breaks and swirl, luckily he didn't bang into any thing. Everyone was shocked of cuz... I got out of the car and apologized to the guy, of cuz he was very angry and start scolding me, but since its my fault, I can't scold him back rite? Bloody hell, who tell him to drive so fucking fast? He wudn't swirl if he's driving slower. Anyway, I kept apologizing and ask him he was ok or not... he's ok lah, just shocked and pissed I assume?

So ppl, when u sit in my car... please beware! I am a dangerous driver! Dun ask me to drive u around especially at nite. I dun know the roads here well enough.

Anyway, Nigel is back here to study - in murdoch!! Good lah, we can see u on campus now!

~~Murdoch College ppl~~

And surprizzzingly Xtine went metro with us!! Babe, u shocked the crowded!! *lol* Even lester come up to me and ask me if thats u in the pic! :P U haf fun rite? End of the semester we go again ok?
Billy - Xtine- Lucious - Chris - Josh - Me

Went to Vishant's place for house warming yesterday. the place quite ok really... soccer games, MJ and Poker.. can't believe that 1 of the indian guys can play MJ better than us chinese... haa wad a shame! Its still quite confusing for me as I am not used to those flower' thing. I wasnt feeling that well cuz my stomach ache progresses throughout the nite. I have been forgetting to take my medication on time for the past week. Last nite was one of those days. Until I cannot stand anymore I decided to go home b4 Josh and take my medicine... the pain is killing me.

So far, nobody has contact me about my blood test... oi, do I have H.pylori?

The bacterial causing stomach ulcer...

Stupid stomach!!

My plans for this 2 week is to 'super-clean' the house if I can. Just realised I 4got to call the carpet ppl!

I also need to study for chem, lab report for chem + forensic, + paper critique for MoD.

So many things to do!

Ok... shud stop blogging now... needa wash the dishes!

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