Apr 5, 2007

I miss my Macau buddies

Finally got the pics from Adelina - they are taken in Jan 07, just b4 Adelina returns to US again.

I only knew Adelina when I started form 2. I was a naughty student - always chatting n distracting the class, so the teacher deliberately put me right in front of the teacher's desk and placed a good student beside me (Adelina is always the top3 in the class).

The one in the green jacket is Adelina! Wao.. all of us wear glasses eh!

It's just funny how me and Adelina had become good friends - she's one of those very 'guai' daughter and damn hard working student. And me? I was (@ that time) every mother and teachers' nightmare - getting D's and E's in my behaviour, suspended from school, swearing at teachers, etc... Till now, I still couldn't figured out exactly what it is that keeps us together.

Got to know Adelina quite a bit during that 1 year b4 she left for the states. At the beginning, we sent each other letters quite often ( I know they take a long time, but dun u reckon u feel much happier receiving a letter rather then email?). As time goes by, emails replaces letters; until MSN got better, and now we got skype!!

But each time she comes back to Macau, we'll definitely find time to meet up. She is the only person I hang out with in the pubs but ordered a Perrier... *lol*

Marga: Eh Diamond, u wan a cigarette?
Dia: Oi... stop tempting me again, will ya?

Marga: Seriously dun want ar?
Dia: Shit man... its waving at me!!

Liz never wanna pose properly for this pic....

U guys can carry on smoking while I'll just enjoy my Baileys...

9th Jan 2007, midnite @ Rua de S.Joao...

Till the next time we meet, ta...

*Adelina was the camera 'gal' that nite - her Nikon D70, a present from her dad for her graduation. So she had been taking.. lots.. and lots... of pics.

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