Jul 28, 2007

Its over, once and for all

I have to admit that the start was a bit wobbly, I wasn't sure if I have make the right decision, or shud I have waited longer and observed.

Then I've made a decision, which seems the right choice at that time.

We have our ups and down during the first 7 weeks, but hey we've made it through.

Tho spending the next 5 weeks apart was a bit tought, but at least our love for each other has grown. Perhaps absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Things were going well and my friends were happy to see that I could actually try something more steady, so as I thought.

Then it came one small arguement, which is a old problem being brought again by me, and it rolled into something bigger.

I really thought a lot after all that has been said for the past few days, I realized the problem will never go away if I cannot accomodate it. Call me stupid, call me stubborn, but its hard to accomodate at times.

I just wanted to say that you've always been so patient and accommodate all my quirks. For that, I am grateful. Thanks for being there at times when I needed support. Thanks for being there for me.

Like every story, it has to end. So yea, finally we are going our own seperate ways.

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