Jul 13, 2007

Just drop by..

Its been a while since I've blogged, or even be in mood to blog. Just feel like dropping by tonight and say I am still alive (*coughs* if anyone is still reading this blog).

First, I am back in Macau again for the semester break. But I am not really enjoying this holiday cuz:

1) It is sssooo hot that i am in ZERO mood for shopping.
2) Majority of my frds are working now and they dun have time to entertain me.
3) The 2 new rabbits are giving me more work (cleaning) as they pee and poo everywhere -_-
4) I miss my frds in perth... I miss the MJ sessions, drinking n clubbing, hanging out with friends
5) I miss the (winter) cold water from the tap - wash my face and makes my pores smaller!!
5) Believe it or not... I am actually missing Josh...

Its funny how after spending almost 5 years in Perth, I think I am starting to settle down. I used to find Perth like a retiring little town, but when I come back to Macau now, I missed all that quietness of Perth. No bloody motorcylist and stupid pedestriants who'll walked across the road anytime and anywhere they like.

Coming back on the 3rd... cant wait...

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